Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Five minutes after passion with Monte, both Emma and Caldas declared that they are pregnant.

It is hard to believe that Caldas is the same dog as the sex crazy bitch that was chasing everything on four legs a week ago.  She loves puppies, whether her own or any others, and now she has decided that puppies are imminent and she has to be prepared.  She has started nesting in her bed, arranging the blanket for maximum comfort for her soon to be family, and prefers to spend all her time either curled up there, or curled up on the sofa with me, as close as possible and preferably on my lap with her head under my chin, looking soulfully into my eyes. Where is the little firebrand who spends her time running and jumping?  When she is outdoors she does remember that she is a podengo and loves to run around.  But it is not easy to persuade her to go out – she looks at me from her bed saying, “But I can’t leave my puppies!  How can I?”  “But Caldas, you don’t have any puppies! You won’t have any for seven weeks!”  “It doesn’t matter, I have to stay in practice!  I can’t leave my potential puppies!”  The only thing that will tempt her to leave her bed and come out is to go to the refrigerator and take out a bit of sausage – a treat still has a lot of influence, though she does think about it for a few moments before getting up…

Emma has always been very affectionate.  But now!  She wants to spend all her time on my lap (it is rather difficult with both Emma and Caldas pushing and shoving to take over the largest part of my lap…), and if not on my lap, then pressed as close to me as possible.  She is constantly looking for cuddles and petting, and has started to lick my face, something she was never keen on before.  At night, she crawls under the blankets so that she can press herself as close to me as possible. I have to be careful not to roll over suddenly at night, because there is that little lump of podengo pressed against my side. 

Rather than following me all around the house, the two of them have started to take up positions on the sofa or my bed and just stay there nesting.  Each one seems to think that if she gets up, then her rival will grab the better place (both Caldas and Emma have decided that the spot they have taken over is the best, and can’t be shared.)  I am determined that this time, no one will be having puppies either on my bed or on the sofa – but we do not seem to be in agreement on this point.

I am finding that there is little room for me on the sofa these days and not much more in bed…

And there are seven weeks to go!!!!

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  1. At least you now they both will be good mommas! Seven weeks is a LONG TIME to fight for a place on the bed and couch.