Friday, October 10, 2014

The Lady and The Tramp

Caldas and Emma, the two podengo girls, have just been in season.

Caldas is a little firecracker, in ordinary life, but even more so when she is in season.  She is extremely enthusiastic and from very early days of her season on, she flirts, kisses, licks, mounts, plays, flashes her tail, and sticks her rear end in the face of everything with four legs.  She couldn’t care less if it is a male or female, big or small, everyone is welcome to try and satisfy her raging desires.  I have no doubt that if, in this period, she met a cat or some other mammal, she would try to entice it as well.

She also has a very long season, and for several weeks she goes around trying to find someone who will give her what she wants – sex!  She adores Habibi, and will not leave him alone.  She is about as high as his ankle, and there is absolutely no chance that he could ever do anything to satisfy her, but she will not give up.  She flirts with him endlessly, pawing at him to get up when he is lying down, running after him and shoving her rear in front of his nose, inviting him to play, anything she can think of.  Habibi looks at her with a despairing expression – “What do you expect me to do?????”, unable even to get his paws underneath her.

This time, I decided that the two girls could be bred, it is a good time of year, there are no other puppies around, and there is starting to be some interest in the breed.  So Monte, the prospective father, came to live here for a few weeks, so that he could do the job.

Caldas was thrilled!  She was so excited that she almost exhausted him with play before she would stand still enough for him to get down to business.  But she finally stood, and Monte did the job.

Immediately, as Caldas found herself “trapped” in a tie, she started to scream at the top of her lungs, twist around like a dervish, and do everything she could to try to get loose.  “I just wanted sex, this was not part of the bargain!!!!” was her attitude.  I had to hold her head so that she didn’t injure Monte or herself with her bouncing around.  Although I have found that the podengos are unbelievably flexible and athletic and bounce like a rubber ball….

Caldas is not a virgin, she has had one litter.  She knew exactly what she was doing, but after all, putting on a show is very important.  And all the while this was going on, Caldas’ tail was wagging like a helicopter propeller…

So Caldas is the Tramp…

Emma is a very different personality.  She is quiet and gentle, even in play, and she much prefers cuddling to crazy activity.  She gets along fine with the other dogs and is very tolerant of everything, but has not shown any particular preference for anyone’s four footed company, she much prefers people.

With her, it was hard to see that she was in season at all, she was extremely clean, and not at all demonstrative.  But when she was introduced to Monte, it was love at first sight.  With him, she was happy to play, and to flirt, and to stand without complaint.  Her season also has been quite long, and she was constantly asking to be let out with Monte.  These podengos certainly are determined to get pregnant….

Habibi has been much more attracted to Emma than to Caldas.  Apparently she is a very sexy lady.  He follows her around, whining, trying to get down to her level (impossible…), courting her and trying to get her attention.  He looks at me in desperation – this is not fair, two bitches in season, and neither for him!  And Emma is so beautiful…!

Emma, however, is not in the least amenable to his intentions.  She ignores him, and when he becomes too much of a pest, Emma, who has never in her life growled at anything, snarls at him to get away from her.  “Just because we both sleep in the same bed,” she says (my bed, by the way), “that doesn’t mean you have any rights!  I love only Monte!”

Emma is the Lady…

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