Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rose Garden

It has been a long time since I have written anything for this blog, and my conscience twinges whenever I think about it.  When I started this blog, my plan was to write at least once a week, to use this as communication, a bit more in depth than posts on Facebook and such.  Unfortunately, good intentions don’t always work out. But here I am again!

There is a well known saying about life, that we were never promised a rose garden.  How true!  The last few months have been involved with getting through the thorns.  There seems to be such a plethora of thorns!  I look around at the world, and so many people are having such a hard time just surviving, we are constantly being warned and frightened about countless things that will damage our health, cause innumerable insurmountable problems in our lives, and kill us all in the end.  What is even more scary is that everything that is condemned by one group seems to be supported as the cure for everything by another group, and vice versa.  So no matter what we do, it is wrong…Well, I hate to say it, but life does kill all of us in the end…

I am very depressed by all of the uproar about animal rights, which seems to mean that in the end, if all these things become law, we will never be able to enjoy the company of animals again.  I don’t know what I will do if that happens.  I enjoy the company of animals much more than of most people I have ever met.  I also find that a great percentage of people that I know that love animals are not exploiting them, abusing them or abandoning them.  There seem to be a lot of people that I don’t know, and I don’t have any desire to make their acquaintance.  But please, let us who love our animals live with them!

And on a personal level, life has been very difficult.  Costs of everything rise and rise, but there is little possibility to find enough work to cover all of the expenses of simply staying alive.  One of the horrors of life is a phone call from the bank…I haven’t bought any new clothes for several years – that is a luxury. The dogs don’t mind, I think they prefer things with many years of familiar smells on them.  Our continuing struggle just to stay in our home of course is very expensive in legal fees and so on.  I am in a day to day struggle to find things to do that will bring in some income, and it is very stressful, and not too conducive to sitting and writing.

So those are some of the thorns, pretty big ones at that.

But then there are the roses.  This season, I had two litters of collie pups, which are now just over three months old.  One mother, Chance, was bred now because she is four and a half and has never had a litter, and I didn’t want to wait until there were more possibilities of difficulties.  The second bitch, Kate, is now seven, and is due to become a pensioner and live an easy life.  Kate loves puppies and is a super mother, and her pups have always been very successful, so I wanted one more litter, in particular, what I wanted was one smooth female like Kate that could carry on for her – I already had a name picked out before the breeding was done, Legacy.

Chance was from a litter of one, so I didn’t expect a large number of pups, and Kate, at seven, would certainly not have a large litter…

Chance had nine puppies and Kate had five!  Beautiful, strong, active puppies, that needed no help to find the nipples and grew and grew and grew.

Fourteen puppies at once is quite a lot to keep one occupied.  And since I am breeding for strong and active temperaments, they definitely required a lot of attention.  More about them in the next post!

So there were a lot of thorns – but there were also a lot of roses!  Having a rose garden is not meant to be easy, but the results are worth the thorns.

Our court case goes on, combined with an attempt to get together the funds to do some urgently needed kennel repairs.  Friends in the Canaan Dog community has been kind enough to establish a fund to help us out. Anyone interested can find it at:
Every little bit can be a great help to us.

We also would appreciate signatures on the petition supporting us:

Thanks to all!


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