Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Janey , the Jordanian girl, is now living in the house,  She is due to have puppies in a few weeks, and I decided that since she is due at the time of the year when we might have absolutely the worst weather of the winter, better for her to be inside.  In actual fact, Canaans have no trouble with the conditions outdoors, and many of my bitches over the years have had their puppies in the kennel in a well protected whelping box.  But Janey has decided, for reasons that are not clear to me, that going into a dog house is unnecessary pampering for a Canaan. In the heaviest rainstorms, I can look out and see her curled up in a tight little ball in the middle of the yard, empty comfortable and dry dog houses on each side…

So since I prefer that new puppies have the basic comforts, I decided to bring her in.  At this point, I am beginning to wonder if this was not her plan from the beginning.

Just coming into the house was not her agenda.  The plan was to take over the house.  After a quick inspection, she immediately decided what were the most comfortable and desirable spots, and that these spots were HERS.

My house in fact belongs to Habibi, he is the king here.  Other dogs tread softly around him, and know that the spot next to the sofa under my hand is his, and also that all toys, bones, and other amusements are not to be touched without his specific permission.

But not Janey.  She immediately set her sights on the spot next to the sofa, wormed her way in between Habibi and me, and then had the nerve to growl ferociously at him to warn him to back off!

One thing that most people do not realize about dogs is that almost without exception, males are gentlemen.  They back down to the females, even when the girls do not deserve it.  Whatever explanations the behavior experts want to give to this is not really relevant, it is simply a fact – the dog world is much more polite and respectful to the female of the species than we are.

So Habibi backed off, with a rueful glance at me, to ask why I felt the need to let this troublesome creature in to his domain.  Not even a little growl in return.  Not even a lift of the lip.  Just a little twitch of the whiskers…

Janey then decided that she would take over one of Habibi’s bones.  He watched her carry it over to the carpet and start chewing away at it, pondering what was the best course of action.  Finally, he simply walked over to her and, without any sort of threat  aside from a bit of stiffness in his posture, he gently and very delicately picked the bone up and walked away. 

Janey is no fool.  She knows that even politeness has its limits.  Ears back and head down, she rolled over on her side to show her well developed belly, and let Habibi take the bone.

She still keeps possession of the spot next to the sofa, but Habibi has the privilege of getting on the sofa and curling up on my feet.  There is no way that Janey will be allowed to do this.

But the looks that I see on Habibi’s face as he watches this presumptuous lady are priceless and indescribable, but highly expressive.

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