Saturday, October 29, 2011

Small world

I think that one reason that I get along so well with dogs is that interactions with them are always very personal.  We communicate to one another, without being bothered about making an impression, not only on one each other, but on everyone else around.  It is not about being important or attracting attention. It is between me and the dog and our own personal relationship and ability to understand one another.

With people, I have always been rather shy, certainly when I first meet them, and have never really wanted to be in the public eye. I have never cared about having my picture taken and prefer not to look at photos of myself.   I never really expect people to recognize me, if it is not someone that I know well, and I am always rather surprised when they do.  It is not that I am uncomfortable with people, I do like meeting people and lecture quite a lot and enjoy it – but the idea of lecturing is not to present myself, but to present a subject and have the listeners become fascinated by the material I am presenting, not by me.

Habibi and the other Canaans are particularly good at keeping me from starting to become too impressed with myself.  They know exactly who I am, and that there are some things that they know better. They are expert at expressing exactly what their opinion is.

So it has not been easy to reveal our current problems to the world and to ask for support.  Asking for help has never been something I have been very keen to do.

But I have been surprised and amazed at the response now that we have had to ask for help. It is heartening and inspiring to see what a small world the common passion for dogs has created and the care and concern we have for one another in that world.  People are ready to take time out from the important things they are doing to send messages of support and concern and to ask what they can do to help.

Is it because those of us that live with and love dogs also have learned from them how important the pack is and how important it is to cooperate and help one another for the good of all? 

The bigger world out there could certainly use doggy people as an example.

And many, many thanks to everyone, whose support is helping us to stay strong!

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