Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Meeting and Greeting

Habibi loves having people come to visit.

Visitors means that Habibi can bark. He loves to bark – Habibi is a very communicative dog, and barking is not only communicating, it gets a reaction.  He looks really ferocious when he is standing at the gate, nose pressed against the bars, hackles up, barking vociferously, or in the house, jumping up on the glass entry door with his barks resounding through the entire room.  He never bites anyone – but people who have not made his acquaintance don’t know this, and I am positive that there are many people who do know him who are not so sure about this.  Habibi loves that!

When the visitors come in, allowed by me, the pack leader, to cross the guarded threshold, he is not daunted.  He circles around and around, still barking, until he has managed to direct them to where he wants them – sitting in the living room on the sofa.  Once he has gotten them to sit, it is much easier to keep an eye on them.  He may cautiously inspect them, coming over to take a good sniff while growling under his breath to make sure that they don’t decide to move.  Some of the more privileged may even be allowed to stroke him.  But that doesn’t mean that they are accepted.  He sits next to me, keeping an eagle eye on what is going on; should anyone be bold enough to make a movement that is more than miniscule, he is immediately on his feet and ready for action.  Should anyone be a real risk taker and stand up, that is cause for a lunge forward accompanied by ferocious barking until he has made sure that the audacious  person is once more sitting where he should be.

Sometimes Habibi finds that visitors start to ignore him or don’t award him the necessary respect.  This often happens when we are out in the yard, and they dare to look at the other dogs or pet a puppy.  This calls for not only barking, but a nose jab at the back of the legs to make sure they pay attention.  A nose jab is really a super tool for getting a reaction from people who are engrossed in conversation with me (how dare they think they are important enough to take my attention away from him!) – and the results are very amusing.  Watching people take a leap into the air is always fun…

Habibi is happy to welcome all guests, to add some spice to life…


  1. I just seat and nod. Oh, yes, you described yet again with such accuracy and humor the Canaan's endearing qualities.
    With your loving touch you raise bittersweet memories of my Samba.
    On the one hand I felt the most protected person on earth while she was around, on the other a lot of people thought twice before ever paying me a visit.
    Let's not even mention all those who crossed to the other side of the road when they spotted us…
    It was our little secret that she was the sweetest dog on earth. Why spoil the ferocious image she worked so hard to maintain :)

  2. I love these beautiful alarm barkers. I love Habibi, his character is so familiar. We know no one is coming near to our house without our early warning system giving notice. Your blogs always give me a chuckle, I recognize this dog without ever meeting him.