Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Habibi Diaries

So I have finally decided to write a blog.  After thinking about it for a long time, and letting the idea percolate in my mind, I am going to give it a try.  Not because I really think that the world is so interested in what I think or do, but because I am certainly (like everyone, if they tell the truth) egocentric and self centered, and like to hear myself.  Since I have found that most people I meet are really not all that interested in hearing about what I ate for breakfast, think about the political situation, or plan to do next Tuesday, and immediately begin instead to tell me about what they are thinking, and while my dogs are very, very interested in hearing me talk but sometimes their intellectual feedback leaves something to be desired – well, what is better than talking to myself.

This blog is called the Habibi diaries.  Habibi is my very best friend.  I have quite a number of dogs that are friends, and a few people, but Habibi is the one that wants to spend every minute of the day with me if possible, and is ready to listen to me at all times, except when he is more interested in barking.  A lot of what I put into this blog will be about Habibi, and a lot will be about the other dogs around here, but there will be some other things now and then that I feel like expressing even when there is no one listening.  Somehow, one feels that out there in cyberspace, there is surely someone who may see and identify – the thought is enough.

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